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Ductair is working hard to manage its impact on the environment by taking steps to ensure it is carbon measured, minimised and managed.
Committed to quality, we provide a 20-year parts and labour warranty on all Ductair manufactured air-conditioning products
100% Australian owned, Ductair is a leading manufacturer of air conditioning ducting and fittings.

Who we are

100% Australian owned

Ductair is a leading manufacturer of quality air-conditioning duct and fittings.  Ductair has been manufacturing and supplying innovative, quality products to the air conditioning, ventilation and heating industry for over 30 years.  Our extensive product range and industry knowledge means we can deliver proven solutions to meet your air-conditioning needs.  Proudly South Australian, we are a family owned business and employ 35 local staff; including 4 apprentices.  We actively encourage equal opportunities for those with disabilities through our Corporate Social Responsibility and Workforce Programmes and are committed to the preservation of our environment by adopting best practice environmental management initiatives and operations.

What we do

At the forefront of manufacturing and supply of energy efficient air conditioning duct and fittings to the HVAC industry; we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and exceptional service.  With ongoing product development and manufacturing efficiency improvements, we are leading the way in flexible duct technology, energy efficiency and product development.  

Why Demand Ductair?

We have invested significantly in research and development to improve manufacturing and product development for our customers.   With an extensive range of Energy Efficient products being produced and independently tested here in South Australia, we continue to be the industry leader in innovation for flexible duct and fittings.   


Our focus on environmental management has also driven us to lead the way in developing Energy Smart Air conditioning Systems for consumers.  Independently tested, our Energy Smart Systems dramatically improve the performance of reverse cycle air-conditioning systems in Australian homes.

Products & Service

We pride ourselves on providing superior service and superior products to meet the needs of our customers and we aim to set new standards in energy efficient heating and cooling systems with our range of Energy Smart products.

Always Demand Ductair

Ductair will continue to build on strong customer relationships and aim to grow the industry by investing in innovative, quality products that will deliver improved performance and satisfaction for consumers.

Value for money

Cost efficient energy savings

Products & Services

Customised products and services

Carbon Neutral

A real sustainable focus

South Australian

100% owned and operated

Industry Leader

Innovation and environmental management

Independent Testing

University of SA tested products


Complete 20 years parts and labour

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