When choosing a ducted air conditioning system for your home, it is important to select a system that provides comfort, is reliable and economical to run.  While the brand and size of your unit and equipment is critical, the quality of the duct, fittings and componentry is equally as important to make sure that the air produced, is delivered efficiently and cost effectively at your desired temperature to each room in your house.

Ductair is at the forefront of manufacturing and supply of energy efficient air conditioning duct and fittings to the industry and we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and exceptional service.

With ongoing product development and manufacturing efficiency improvements, we are leading the way in flexible duct technology, energy efficiency and product development.

Each system has their own advantages and disadvantages and you will need to carefully consider what system meets your needs and requirements before installation, however no matter which system you choose, we have a range of quality products that will improve its performance.

Whether you have and old air conditioning system or are looking to install a new one, Ductair can provide you with the perfect Energy Smart System.