“Your air conditioning unit will create the air.  Demand Ductair to get it there”

Ducted evaporative air conditioning uses water as a cooling agent to reduce the air temperature of your home.   The fan inside the cooling unit draws in warm air from outside and as it passes over the water-saturated pads it is cooled by evaporation.  The fan then blows this cooled air through a series of Flexible Ducting and outlets into every room in the house.  The hot air in the house is forced outside through open windows and doors, giving you cool fresh flowing air.   Evaporative coolers are ideal for hot and dry conditions, however they are not suitable in humid conditions as this limits the cooling effect.

The Advantages of Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning include:

  • Whole house cooling, no need to zone any rooms
  • Circulates fresh clean air (no need to keep doors and windows shut).
  • Designed to suit the hot, dry Australian climate.