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“Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning gives you total climate control for your home, all year round”.

Ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling combines an outdoor unit to deliver temperature-controlled air that works with an internal unit and ductwork system, usually hidden discretely in your ceiling.  The ducted reverse cycle unit draws air from inside your home through the filter in the Return Air Grille. The air is then cooled or heated inside the unit and blown through a series of Flexible Ducting and outlets into the desired area of your house. As your Flexible Ducting and Fittings represents about 95% of the air-flow surface of your air conditioning system, this means that your ducting is the lifeblood of your system.



The Advantages of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning include:

  • The ability to heat and cool your home all year round
  • Cools or heats to the desired temperature you choose – total comfort
  • Works brilliantly in humid weather
  • Air condition your whole home or rooms individually based on your preference.
  • Different zoning options including day/night zoning or living/sleeping zones, saving you money on energy running costs.
  • Energy efficiency (up to 3 times the heating/cooling output for every kilowatt of electricity used)
  • Even air distribution throughout your home (no hot or cold spots)
  • Quiet and discrete operation
  • Conditions the air through a filter to remove indoor air pollution

To make your system more efficient and reduce your energy bills, demand superior Ductair quality duct and fittings.

“Your air conditioning unit will create the air.
Demand Ductair to get it there.”