Belimo zone motors

This motorised zone damper utilises a Belimo LM230 damper actuator, offering a drive open and drive close solution with a positive seal allowing no leakage, 5nm of torque, ideal for larger diameter motorised damper barrels.

Benefits of the Belimo Motorised Damper include:

  • Drive Open / drive closed
  • 20 year motor warranty
  • 20 year structural warranty
  • Positive action /positive seal
  • Manual balancing clutch

Other Benefits include:

  • Safe, sure and reliable
  • No blow off
  • No leaks
  • Zone motor barrel has the “V” clamping system
  • Assembled in South Australia
  • Factory tested before delivery
  • Integrates seamlessly with Ductair metal fittings
  • 24 or 240 volt options

Belimo Warranty

waxseal_20yr_orangeDuctair provides a 20-year warranty on motors manufactured by Belimo.

Refer to the brochure for more information