Independently tested, experts from Sustainable Energy Centre (SEC) at the university of South Australia have proven Energy Smart flexible duct can reduce peak power demand by a massive 30% and make your system 9% more efficient.

More Benefits of Energy Smart TM Flexible Ducting include;

  • Improves system efficiency, reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and running costs by 9%.
  • Coupled with an inverter unit, Energy Smart™ can help save an incredible 19% more energy than a fixed speed unit with Rt 1.0 polyester duct.
  • Using Energy Smart™ ducting you may be able to reduce the size of your A/C unit and receive the same coverage.
  • Better insulation properties with 87% higher thermal rating than S.A building code standard Rt1.0 polyester duct.
  • Helps to prolong the life of your air-conditioning unit