Air Filtration plays an important role in keeping indoor air pollution to a minimum. Having the right filter will reduce problems caused by pollen, viruses, mould, pets, dustmites, bacteria, asthma and related issues. Ductair DNA Filter will provide indoor air quality resulting in the satisfaction of having clean air in every room.

Breathing Indoor Air Pollution can often trigger allergy, asthma and hay fever symptoms. As house dust, mould, virus carriers and pollen are captured by the Ductair Natural Air (DNA) filter, we generally breathe easier and have fewer symptoms as a result. Indoor Air Quality is important, therefore having a high quality air filter installed in a well maintained ducted air conditioning system can result in a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.

The easy to install Ductair Natural Air (DNA) filter protects your system as it traps particles that would otherwise coat the coils and reduce their efficiency. This means that you save on energy costs, equipment and maintenance by having a more efficient system and receiving the benefit of indoor air quality.

“Ordinary filters are designed to protect the a/c equipment, the DNA filter goes far beyond that to protect the occupants in your home”

Ductair DNA media has the highest dust holding capacity and lowest pressure drop than any other media in its class. This means it has the best air filtration available but won’t compromise the effectiveness of your system.

Ductair is committed to continuously developing new and improved products to assist in an environmentally responsible healthy, and prosperous environment, one that will rid you of indoor air pollution and supply clean indoor air quality.

Features and Benefits

  • Removes symptom causing dust, pollen, mould and pet dander
  • Simple filter replacement every 6 to 12 months depending on usage
  • Fits directly into the Ductair Quickchange return air grille
  • Saves energy and protects your a/c unit

Ordering is Easy

To ensure your home always has filtered, clean air; take these easy steps to reorder your DNA filter.

Check the number on your current filter by looking at the original ID card, the sticker on your filter or the sticker inside your return air grille.  

Log onto Ductair, enter your postage address, billing details (security through paypal) and filter number or call 1800 DUCTAIR (1800 382 824) to talk directly to one of our sales staff.

Install your new DNA filter and enjoy the filtered, clean air throughout your home.

 You can also choose to have your replacement DNA filter installed by Ductair

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